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American Flag: A Glove With a Handle – What’s Old is New Again

There are many reasons why Americans celebrate American Flag Day. One of these reasons is the end of a long time – the hundred years since the First World War. Interested in learning more about this fascinating subject? Then read on!


When we look back at history,

several interesting things happen around the world on that day. For example, after the First World War ended, the British started to change their flag – and they put the Union Flag on top, instead of the Stars and Stripes. Take note: Memorial Day also has its special flag etiquette. The American flag, once it is flown at half-mast, should be raised to full mast throughout the entire day, until noon the next day.


If you’re wondering when these flags were flown,

here’s a quick timeline: the first American flags were made from pennant trees that were placed in front of auction lots, to be sold at pennant price. These trees were donated by veterans of the Civil War. They were dried out and made into flags. In honor of these veterans, and the fact that many of them never returned from the war, these pennant trees are still considered sacred, and they are burned during times of war or emergency.



the American flags that are flown in the United States are made from plastic polyethylene, which is resistant to the elements, as well as being able to withstand regular wear and tear. A modern version usually features a rainbow of colors and is very durable, as well. A flag that flies at half-mast is not only a symbol of mourning for soldiers killed in battle but also a way to welcome the new American president into the country. It signifies a special event that occurred in the history of this great nation.


When the American flag is used as a symbol of pride,

it’s flown atop a tall metal pole known as the national cap. This is known as the “staff of representative liberty” in the United States. The American flag is also accompanied by another smaller flag known as the battle flag, which flies at half-mast in times of war or major military operation. The union also flies on top of the cap, and it represents the American government. It was designed by a lawyer named Samuel Chase, who served as a member of the Continental Congress.


The American Flag

is a beautiful symbol of pride for all Americans. It is not only one of our country’s greatest symbols, but also a part of our history and heritage. We proudly display our American Flag on every federal building, on our bridges, on our coins, and in our homes. It is a representation of an oath that was taken by our forefathers to “forever protect the Constitution and the freedoms we all enjoy”.

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