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How Does Level 4 ICW Body Armor Differ From Other Types?

When faced with a serious ballistic threat, level 4 ICW body armor can actually save your life. It’s designed from a lightweight, bullet-resistant material consisting of interwoven fibers reinforced with Kevlar. The fibers are dyed to match the color of the vest, as well as various numbers of small holes. These small holes allow the air to pass through them, thus preventing the vest from closing in an accident.


For the best protection

the vest should be designed to meet the highest standards of ballistic protection available. In fact, the higher the level of protection provided, the lower the price. Some of the features of level 4 ICW body armor include: high quality soft armor, multiple armor-piercing rounds, and concealed fasteners. Most vests designed for this level of protection are constructed with detachable liners that allow for the quick removal of the individual vest components.


Lowered prices and improved durability

are just two of the many benefits that level 4 ICW body armor has to offer. Many times, vest manufacturers combine the protective benefits of multiple armor-piercing rounds, low-profile gas permeable soft armor, and reinforced Kevlar in one protective garment. This reduces weight, increases durability, and makes the armor more affordable as a whole. Many times, vest manufacturers will customize this protective gear to fit the customer specifically, or customize the armor to specifically meet the needs of the client.


But durability alone isn’t everything

When a vest is used in a violent crime or active threat situation, there are other features that need to be considered. One of these is the presence of multiple armor-piercing rounds. The vest must also have sufficient front and/or rear protection in order to prevent the entry of an assailant while also providing adequate protection against the effects of injuries incurred during the altercation. Again, this would include the use of soft armor or, at bare minimum, a bullet-resistant vest made specifically for this purpose.



most people looking to purchase level 4 ICW body armor are interested in purchasing something that is comfortable to wear. Vests are available in both long and short lengths. However, long length vests often provide superior protection in a ‘long distance’ scenario, due to the physics of energy transfer that they use. Similarly, a short length vest will not provide the same level of protection if a person were to engage in a street fight.


Level 4 ICW body armor

like all types of protective armor, offers several different options for application. This includes options such as a modular design or interchangeable parts that can be configured according to an individual’s personal needs. Furthermore, many manufacturers offer a wide range of accessories to go along with their armor. These can include various pockets for storage of personal items, modular accessory attachments, tactical straps, and many other options. In addition, this armor meets and exceeds Department of Defense ballistic efficiency standards.

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