Does a Bullet Proof Vest Really Work?

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A proof vest or spike proof vest is an important type of self defense equipment that is intended to give protection from penetrating stab attacks (sharp blades, knives, broken glass, etc.) and other attacks designed to disable an attacker. Vests are worn in a variety of situations such as street crime, athletic competition and military training, but primarily because of their effectiveness and the fact that they can provide limited or no protection when there is no clear point of attack. Readily available in many retail outlets and sporting goods stores, self defense vests come with different specifications and are made to protect specific areas.

The two most common kinds of self defense vest are the stab proof vest and spike-proof vest. Each are constructed out of a different material based on the application needed. The purpose of either kind of self defense vest is to add extra protection and safety to the wearer and reduce risk of injury to the attacker. Both types of vests have the basic features of being made of lightweight, water resistant material and having adjustable straps, zippers or buckles, securing your clothing, pockets and vital components.

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Common places to see these body armor products would be law enforcement agencies, correctional facilities, and even private security firms, military bases and hospitals. The United States government and all legislative branches require the armed forces to carry and use at least one piece of self defense gear that meets recognized standards. All military personnel are also required by law to wear body armor, and it is an applicable offense in the military if you are found to be carrying or wearing any item that does not conform to standard sizing and design. In a military situation, a suspect may have a gun, knife or other dangerous weapon that can instantly kill or injure any officer. Even if that officer has a self defense vest that has been properly installed, he or she still has to retreat from danger, and that is exactly what the proof vest for the United States military does for the service members.

It is also important to point out that this type of product doesn’t just stop accidents or criminal acts, but it can protect the officers who must react quickly to dangerous situations. If you believe that there is an ongoing threat against your job, home, or your family, this type of bullet proof vest can give you the added protection you need. You can easily find these products online at the same great price as a quality product from a local retailer, but you won’t get the customer service that you might from an online retailer. Online stores often don’t have the same follow up with their customers as do retail stores, so they don’t have the understanding and commitment to continually help protect you. When you invest in bullet proof vests like you should, you will get the customer service you deserve.

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Another question that people often ask about a bulletproof vest is how does it work? The simple answer is that it works by using high strength fibers that penetrate soft targets. High strength fibers are used because they add more strength than low strength fibers, which penetrate easily. Low strength fibers penetrate easily and quickly, which means that they won’t add any strength to the vest.

Bullet proof vests like you can be used for many different reasons, which is why so many people choose them. You can purchase these vests for protection at work, home or while you are on the run. Many individuals choose these vests because they offer the best protection for their money. If you aren’t sure if these vests would be right for you, it is important that you find out the information that will help you make the best decision possible.

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