Energy Efficiency – Why Your Appliances Use More Energy


Electricity consumption can be defined as the amount of electricity produced by an appliance or a building structure. In the past, the biggest form of electricity consumption used to be produced by burning coal. This method of electricity production was one of the most environmentally harmful and detrimental to the environment. This is because coal was released into the air and consequently had to be mined out from the environment.


Today, the latest method of production of electricity is electricity that is created by nuclear fission. Nuclear energy is the most efficient way of producing electricity that can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes. The amount of electricity produced by a household appliance using Nuclear fission is less than that needed by a car that drives down the road five hundred miles each day. Electrical energy consumption has dropped by about thirty-seven percent in the last thirty years.

In comparison, our electric devices that pull power from the electrical grid only consume about two percent of the total kilowatt hours. This means that our household appliances only use about eight percent of the total kilowatt hours each and every year. If these figures are less than alarming to you, think again. What if you could get away with using less electricity each and every day? If your house is powered by using solar panels you would be able to do this easily and safely, while only using about twenty-five percent of the current electrical consumption rate.


One of the ways you can significantly reduce your consumption of electricity is through the use of solar power, wind power and hydroelectric power. Solar power is extremely efficient and it does not emit any greenhouse gases. Wind power is also a reliable source of free energy. Hydroelectricity causes more pollution that electric because it involves hydraulic pressure and produces more greenhouse gases. There is hope though, because you can find devices called Energy Star that can reduce your consumption of electricity by at least fifty percent.

If you want to use less energy to power your household appliances, you should buy Energy Star rated devices. The more stars you have, the greater the energy efficiency. You will have to set your energy efficiency goals for your appliances before you can buy the Energy Star appliance. If you want to know your potential energy efficiency rating, simply take off your old appliance and take the measurement to a hardware store.


If you live in a cold climate where the winter months can be harsh and very cold, you should be especially conscious of your electric consumption. It is always better to use as little electricity as possible in the winter months and to increase your consumption during the summer months. You can make this possible by purchasing an energy-efficient refrigerator. A refrigerator that has a low energy consumption makes it possible to store more food and beverages which can save you a lot of money.

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