Half-Hourly Meters For Your Energy Efficiency Needs

What is a half-hourly meter? If you are new to electricity and are searching for an alternative to conventional meters, a half-hourly meter may be exactly what you need. It’s also sometimes known as a ‘time and billing’ meter. Most half-hourly meters generally are located in larger commercial businesses or those that use a very high amount of electric power. In either case, if you’re looking for an easy, convenient, hassle-free solution, the help provided by this type of meter could be helpful.


benefits of half hourly metering


Let’s first take a look at what happens when your electricity usage exceeds the normal rate stipulated by your electricity provider. This results in a billing problem with your energy provider. If you are a regular customer, chances are that you will receive a hefty bill from your energy provider every month. This is especially so if you frequently exceed your usage limit. In most cases, the excess electricity usage results in higher charges for the month.

For large commercial businesses, this scenario becomes a lot worse. Even if you have a good relationship with your energy provider, there is no guarantee that they will issue you a bill in time. Worst case scenario: they refuse to do so! In these cases, half-hourly meters could help.


pricing differ from other energy quotes


A special type of half-hourly meters called’ smart meters’ can do a lot to help you with your electricity meter dilemma. The special type comes equipped with features that allow you to easily monitor your electricity usage. As a business owner, you can keep track of your electricity usage and get an accurate billing every month. With these half-hourly meters, you can easily become more aware of how much electricity your businesses require, thus giving you the leverage to cut back on energy consumption and save on your utility bills.

Not all businesses can benefit from this special type of meter. Most restaurants and hotels cannot use electricity generated at night. However, they can still use half-hourly meters, as these devices come with thermometers incorporated in them. These meters give a special number when the device is used, which can be read by the restaurant’s computer systems. Thus, you can easily calculate your restaurant’s electricity requirements and use them to cut down on your energy consumption costs.

Using half-hourly meters has many advantages. You can easily monitor your consumption. You can also get an accurate billing each month, which helps you maintain an excellent relationship with your energy suppliers.

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