how do you support Your Local Art Scene

Support Your Local Art Scene

Art is subjective, so how do you support it? Advertise on The Local Art Scene, reach out to international and national art buyers every day, and be present at the local art scenes in your community every week. Order your printable calendar below by choosing a monthly payment method. This will give you an option of being published as often as needed for a period determined by you. Prints will be shipped to your home or office with insurance for commercial uses.


A gallery tour is a great way to support your local art scene

by encouraging potential buyers to visit your gallery. Participating in these guided tours will help potential collectors become familiar with art styles and techniques while gaining insight and support from experienced professionals who are passionate about their craft. Art galleries are some of the most important destinations for contemporary artists, collectors, and dealers in the world. Participating in gallery tours is a great way to meet other collectors and promote your art while getting the word out about your work.


Many local art scene businesses offer gallery tours

in their galleries and sell printed brochures that highlight the area’s contemporary artists, including their work and information about the artists’ careers and art movements. You can encourage other collectors to attend these tours in your community with the help of local business people, by sponsoring a bicycle ride. Bike rides are a great way to promote the arts, increase awareness, and provide entertainment for everyone in the neighborhood. If you own bike shops in your area, hand out business cards and invite local collectors for a day of browsing and buying at the shops.


Another way of supporting your local art scene

and connecting with other collectors is by joining the ranks of the American Association of Museums. AMMO is the voice of the contemporary arts in the media and provides networking opportunities for collectors and dealers. They sponsor exhibits, newsletters, and special events that bring collectors together. The featured collector on their website is highlighted in their magazine, and this person receives the honor of being featured on a page with the collector’s portrait and biographical data. This person may be an influential dealer or an up-and-coming emerging artist who is making a name for himself in the American contemporary art scene.


You can also support your local art scene by attending events

Art events are a great way to promote your art, meet another artist, and network with other collectors and dealers. The artist spotlight at these events is well represented in the media coverage, and the event could include a discussion between the featured artist and the featured guest. Another great way to help support your local art scene is to purchase art from your local artists. There are many benefits to purchasing art from local artists; you get the benefit of knowing the artist personally, as well as having their work hanging in your home. In addition to buying paintings from the artist, consider donating your artwork to a gallery, or to a charity that benefits the art and artists of the community.


Finally, you can support your local art scene

by attending art meets-ups in your area. Many artists who are just starting or looking for new outlets for their creative energy organize these meet-ups, and you might find some familiar faces if you attend enough of them. These meet-ups are a great way to meet other collectors, and they can also provide an opportunity to buy or sell art. Most importantly, attending an art meet-up will allow you to network with other collectors and dealers, while having fun.

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