How To Create The Perfect Backyard Garden Party

The Garden Party in The Palace of Holyrood House is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, 4 July. The party is a grand affair with decorations and games galore. When inside a Garden Party most people are served 20,000 cookies, 20,500 truffles, and also 20,000 royal blue tablecloths.


The garden party is decorated with white lace on the chandeliers

For the decorations, there are silk plants of different colors, silk tablecloths, silk napkins, and Kraft paper flowers. The garden party is decorated with white lace on the chandeliers, table linens, crystal goblets, candles, and the main flower arrangement is of pink roses. Also, there are other arrangements like red roses, orange flowers, and daisies. These all are done up in different shades of pink and pastel colors.


Tea time is set by having lemonade tea, chamomile tea, and peach tea

The participants can also bring their favorite flowers from home for the garden party. The garden has been adorned with silk table cloths and the guests serve their tea on the garden bench that has been placed in the center of the garden. Everyone enjoys the Kraft paper flower arrangements as they serve as centerpieces for the tables. They decorate the table linens, napkins, and silverware with various flower arrangements. A special bottle of wine that has been imported is used for serving the cake to the formal guests.


use colorful rugs to make it more colorful

The Garden Party is celebrated in the backyard. For the backyard garden party, one can have lawn chairs, or plastic folding chairs placed in front of the backyard gate to provide shade. A large rug that is about ten by ten feet can be placed in the middle of the backyard for the garden party. The area should be decorated with flowers, so if you do not have any flowers in your yard, then you can use colorful rugs to make it more colorful.


Fresh juice can be used as the base for a refreshing mixed drink

One of the most interesting backyard garden party decorations is serving lemonade, peach, or cherry syrup to guests as they sit down to a meal. The guests can also bring their own drinks from home. Fresh juice can be used as the base for a refreshing mixed drink. The drinks can include orange juice, sports drinks, or spring water.


Cocktail shakers are an excellent accessory for the garden party

They can be used for serving both drinks and finger foods. If there are children at the backyard party, then you may want to consider serving cocktail crackers and pizza cutters with their favorite toppings. If you wish to create a very elegant cocktail hour, then use silver or gold plated cocktail shakers.

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