Pros And Cons Of Using Organic Baby Formula

Is Organic Baby Formula Worth the Extra Money?

Many parents these days are choosing to raise their children using organic products and techniques. The question is, are they worth it? Naturally, you want to be sure that you are paying for exactly what you are paying for, because organic baby formula isn’t always that much more expensive. Considering the difference in price between regular and organic when it all comes down to their ingredients and quality, it pays to shop around.

When it comes to choosing organic baby formula for babies, most parents are unaware that some brands use harmful and banned ingredients that are actually in regular infant formula. In fact, many organic infant formula makers are known for using these types of ingredients such as sucrose (sugar), fish, corn, soy, and dioxane. These ingredients are not only listed on the bottle, but also in the ingredient label of the jar of the product. Sadly, many parents unknowingly purchase this type of formula knowing that it is harmful, but putting them in position to give the child something to drink when drinking formula.

Another thing that many parents prefer when they choose organic baby formula

For their infants is that they are able to provide additional nutrients to their child by including breast milk. There has been long debate whether breast milk is beneficial to babies or not, especially with the growth and development stages that infants face throughout their first year of life. Breast milk does contain important nutrients for your baby such as iron, zinc, copper, vitamin A, and Vitamin D, however, there are additional benefits of using this type of formula including:

Consistency – When compared to regular cow’s milk, organic baby formula options are much more consistent in terms of consistency in taste and texture. The consistency that is offered with organic formulas is usually deemed to be gentler on the palate and is more similar to human breast milk. It is also produced without using any artificial preservatives or coloring. In addition to being non-toxic and naturally organic, breast milk also contains a higher concentration of antibodies which have been scientifically proven to assist in protecting against illness.

It should come as no surprise that many babies are lactose intolerant

Less likely to cause allergies – When you choose organic formulas, you are likely to notice that the components used are much more mild. This is because the company producing the formula does not need to add any artificial additives or other chemicals to help ensure that the formula will be effective. Many natural and organic products are made up of ingredients that are naturally occurring and not developed with harmful chemical additives. With the increased use of synthetic chemicals, this may reduce your baby’s allergy symptoms and further decrease the possibility of your child developing allergies.

However, the amount of lactose in most breast milk formulas tends to be very small and this can create a problem for some babies who are lactose intolerant. For these babies, organic baby formula may be the solution. The lactose is generally derived from rice and is blended with other ingredients to give the formula the ability to maintain a sufficient supply of lactose for your baby.

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