Tips For Working Through The Stress Of Studying For The Certified Nursing Assistant Test

multiple factors that can affect how effectively you study

It can be difficult to manage all of the coursework and studying associated with your nursing degree program at times, especially alongside your other responsibilities outside of school. However, taking the time to manage and review your learning is one of the most important aspects to increasing your productivity as a nursing student. There are multiple factors that can affect how effectively you study and retain the material necessary to pass your nursing courses, and there are ways to make studying more effective for you. Here are five ways to ensure that you study and retain more of what you learn:

Make studying for your nursing programs fun. Studies show that students who find the class enjoyable generally perform better in their classes. This makes studying more appealing to students who may struggle in trying to cope with the demands of studying. For this reason, make studying for your nursing programs an enjoyable experience by scheduling study sessions during after school activities, having long weekends so you can stay home or joining a study group. This way, you can avoid the distractions associated with studying during your free time,

which can lead to increased difficulties when it comes time to review what you have learned:

Engage in time management skills. The time management skills necessary for a nursing student are very different than the time management skills required of a student pursuing any other profession. As a nursing student, you must manage time efficiently to keep pace with your studies and meet prerequisites.

Manage your time wisely. Many nursing students fall into the trap of spending too much time studying for tests or preparing for tests. These students tend to work themselves to the bone when it comes to studying, which slows them down tremendously. Rather than putting yourself through this, spend some time making sure that you engage in some social interaction. This will allow you to both study more effectively and meet people in your life.

Take time out for your family. As a nursing student, you are taking an exam to get into one of the best nursing schools in the country. You want to be able to focus completely on the studies and future nurses will look at your commitment as an indicator of how well you will do in school. It is important for students to take their time with the studies and focus on family, friends, and relaxing. If you are bogged down by the pressure of studying, you may find that you will not do as well as those who can enjoy the process.

Use free time to catch up on chores. It is amazing how much time many students usually waste each day just sitting in class looking through textbook pages. During this free time, set aside five to ten minutes each day to read books, brush up on previous class knowledge, or even just sit down and play a board game. By using this time for study, it will give you the mental stimulation needed to pass the NCLEX-RN test. By using this time for studying, you will also be giving your family time to relax and enjoy being a part of your family.

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