Two Types of Technology Used to Produce Electricity Using Solar Energy

Solar energy has been with us for ages

From the earliest recorded cultures, it is obvious that solar energy was a mainstay in their economies. It can be seen by the artifacts discovered in archeological digs dating back to the 7th century B.C. It is evident that solar energy was sought after by the ancient people.

Solar energy is heat and radiant light from the Sun, which is harnessed utilizing a solar thermal power, solar architecture, solar heat power systems and artificial Photosynthetic Energetics (Photosynths). Solar energy systems are now used in every corner of the world from providing hot water to running residential appliances to providing electrical current for the entire country. One such solar energy project at a remote village in India called the Gramma Phu is powering a school and community center employing solar energy. It has successfully completed a host of tasks including drying of air, pumping water, opening and lighting up of the school. A major portion of the electricity generated is utilized to power heating systems and to provide comfort to the people.

Thermal energy from the sun has the ability to convert heat into electricity

This solar energy has the potential to meet all of our future energy needs. In most homes solar energy systems heat the air by convection utilizing the natural warmth from the sun. The sun also produces radiant heat beams which can be directed directly onto buildings, creating an incredible source of passive solar energy. This radiant heat can be channeled into various building facades or utilized to melt concrete and tile.

Another method of using solar energy involves the utilization of solar ovens. A solar oven is simply a convection oven. The heat from the sun is used to bake food using convection. This method uses the most efficient solar technologies and it cuts down on the need for conventional electricity sources and fuels.

Solar ovens utilize two types of technology

One type uses solar cells that generate electric power directly from the sun. The other utilizes photovoltaic cells that use the energy coming from the sun and convert it into usable electricity. Either solar energy technology can provide the homeowner with a free, continuous and reliable source of electricity.

These two technologies are used to generate electricity that can be sold back to the electrical companies. The electrical companies typically allow the use of these two technologies because they produce an unlimited amount of electricity at a very low cost. They also have no negative effects on the environment as solar energy does.

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