Why Choose Organic Baby Formula?

organic baby formula

Organic baby formula sounds like something that is far too hard to find and more expensive than regular baby formulas. However, that is not true. It actually can be a lot more cost-effective to make your own. If you are new to making your own baby formula then this article will help you learn how easy and inexpensive it can be. You can have great tasting baby formula for less than $1 per day.

Organic Baby Formula

Organic baby formula is what it sounds like; formula made entirely with natural and organic ingredients, using only the most pure and natural ingredients available. This means: no artificial colors or preservatives. No pesticides residue or artificial flavor. Most organic baby formulas will contain whey, casein, egg, or soy. These four ingredients are all completely natural and completely safe for your baby.

Even though it is much more expensive than non-organic European formula, and sometimes more than three times as much, many parents are willing to pay the extra money to get the safest, purest baby formula on the market. In fact, most parents do not think about organic European formulas until they need them. When you need a formula for your baby, you will need to get the highest quality and purest form you can find. And, since organic formulas last a lot longer than non-organic European formulas you will save even more money in the long run.


Another reason organic European formulas last so much longer is because they contain no artificial sweeteners or artificial flavors. Many of the ingredients used in European formulas are sugar free, which makes them very healthy for your baby. In addition, organic European formulas are made with no wheat, lactose, or casein. All of these ingredients are very common in infant formula, but they all pose serious threats to your baby’s health.

Organic European formula contains ingredients such as rice and buckwheat instead of cow milk or goat milk, and rice and oats instead of soy and corn. The organic formulas also contain no gluten, no casein, no triticale, and no sucrose. These ingredients are usually only found in natural goat milk products, but European organic milk is often fed to the goat anyway. Organic goat milk is a very healthy milk that comes from clean and free range goats. Organic cow milk is very different: It is pasteurized and usually contains traces of growth hormones and antibiotics.

Most American infant formulas use corn, wheat, or soy as the primary ingredients, which are nutritionally inferior. These babies often suffer nutritional deficiencies that can lead to poor baby health and can lead to disease later in life. Fortunately, organic formulas are very nutritious and very safe for infants.

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