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Why Progressive Eyeglasses Is A Better Alternative

Eye glasses, sometimes called spectacles or bifocals, are optical vision devices, made up of hard plastic or glass lenses mounted directly in front of an individual’s eyes, usually using a bridge above the eye and hinged arms that rest above the ears. These lenses correct eye vision by redirecting light from the environment to the retina at the back of the eye, resulting in clear vision. Some of the most well-known and popular eyeglasses brands in the world include brands like Revi, Polarised, and Acuvue. They are manufactured in many different styles and designs and come in a variety of lens technologies, such as Hi-tech polycarbonate lenses and progressive eye glasses.


There are many variations of these lens designs. A typical style is one that incorporates both curved and straight curves, both folding over a flat panel or surface, and offering various degrees of folding and tilting. There are also designs that feature concentric curves. Some of these are also referred to as progressive contact lens, as they allow a change in the distance between the extremes of the lens design. Some of the most common features include a multi-layer construction, and a multi-faceted coating designed to decrease glare.

The primary difference among these various types of contact lenses is based on the materials used to create and fabricate them. With a progressive contact lens, light from the environment goes through a series of small holes and reflects off of a flat substrate. Because the reflection occurs before the light reaches the retina, this provides a clearer vision for the wearer. This is different than the case of a bifocal contact lens, in which the eye’s pupils do not shift out of focus when a light source is shined into them.

Contact Lenses

When compared to the design of designer contact lenses, progressive lenses appear to be more flexible, as the design can be adjusted for any type of prescription. In addition, bifocal lenses require the wearer to wear eyeglasses to support them, which can be inconvenient for some people. For these reasons, more people are choosing to wear progressive lenses rather than designer brands.

If you have an eye exam soon, your optometrist may offer you the opportunity to switch to a progressive contact lens. However, you should always try the eye product at home beforehand, to ensure you do not have an adverse reaction to it. Contact lens technology has improved vastly in the past decade, and many people now have the ability to buy contact lenses online. Some consumers even prefer shopping online because it is easier and less time consuming to look through a large selection of products.


Whether you need new contact lenses for corrective purposes or simply want a new pair of stylish eye glasses, there are a variety of ways to get the product you need. Many eye care professionals sell contact lenses, as well as prescription eyeglass frames. In addition, specialty stores like Purevision Optical have a wide range of affordable, quality contact lenses available to choose from. Regardless of where you purchase your contact lenses, remember that you will also need to keep the product clean and properly maintained.

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